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Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery (MBCR) Series 10/26-12/14/2022:
Interested in taking a closer look at mindfulness and meditation? Over seven weeks, learn different meditation practices and explore how mindfulness can help you deal with the stress of a cancer diagnosis. Please be aware that weekly attendance, home practice, and reading assignments are important parts of this course. Please obtain a copy of the book Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery by Carlson & Speca before the first class.Facilitators: Kim Lowery Walker, LCSW and Cheryl Hughes, MSW, LCSW. Registration is required, zoom links sent to registrants close to the day of session and not at the time of registration.
Stress Reduction 11-30-22
Part of a series--automatically signs you up for all dates in series.
5:30-7pm Zoom:  ONLINE, Metro DC Area, VA, 00000