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Spirituality Quest June 2022:
Your Spiritual Journey- Practicing the Labyrinth- Finding your way back to you. How do we find ourselves?   J.R.R Tolkien says “Not all who wander are lost.”   This quote reminds us that it is okay to wander, and when we do, we are never lost for long. The spiritual practice of the labyrinth is a way for us to get lost and find our way back to ourselves.  What new insights will emerge on our journey?  Join the group to find out. “Your life is a sacred journey; it is about change, growth, discovery, movement and transformation.” -- Caroline Adams Registration is required. Zoom links sent closer to day of program and not at the time of registration.
Support & Networking 06-14-22
10:30-11:30am Zoom:   Zoom, Metro DC Area, VA, 00000