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Spirituality Quest - Laughter, Humor and Health - June 2021:
"Spiritual Reflections- Laughter, Humor, & Health Laughter is innately spiritual; laughter promotes health and good wellbeing. Life can be hard sometimes; however one of life’s greatest gifts to us is the healing ability to laugh at our ourselves, each other, our sadness, grief and pain. The power of laughter allows each of us to see a moment of light in the midst of darkness and to know that there is joy to be found within. When was the last time you had a good deep, belly laugh? The kind that brought tears to your eyes and happiness to your heart? Join us as we explore the joy and healing power of laughter. “Laughter connects people with their humanity. Through laughter, people acknowledge together that they are not alone”. – Jos Houben "
Support & Networking 06-08-21
10:30am-12pm Zoom:  Zoom, Metro DC Area, --, 00000