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Breast Cancer Rehab Program 2021:
During this six-week series, women who have completed treatment for breast cancer will learn what to expect while transitioning from breast cancer treatment to survivorship. Participants must be out of active treatment.For questions, please call: 571-472 -0744. Experts in the field will present on: Survivorship & Surveillance - Learn what to expect as you transition from breast cancer treatment to survivorship. An oncology nurse navigator will review active surveillance, scan criteria, and follow up guidelines. Discussion of endocrine therapy & tips for managing associated side effects. Facilitated by Laura Kaminski, BSN, RN, OCN Survivorship Nutrition: Registered Dietitian Lauren Fay, will review the latest evidence, based on the American Institute for Cancer Research's recommendations for survivorship nutrition, and provide ideas and resources on how to adjust your own diet to help decrease the risk of cancer recurrence. Brain Fog: "If you have experienced changes in thinking, memory, or attention since being diagnosed with cancer, you may be experiencing Brain Fog. This presentation will help you gain an understanding of the symptoms of, factors that can contribute to, and practical advice for how you can manage Brain Fog. Facilitated by Tyler Pudleiner, MS. Coping with Emotional Impact of Survivorship: Survivorship can bring on unanticipated emotional reactions, including anxiety. Through this interactive experience, you will gain further insight and understanding into emotions many experience when transitioning into survivorship, factors that contribute, and techniques to help manage and cope. Facilitated by Lauren Broschak, MSW, LCSW. PT/OT/SLP in your Recover/Survivorship: Do feel you are “living with the side effects” of your cancer and the effects of all the treatments you have had? Do you have pain, peripheral neuropathy, lymphedema, loss of range of motion and/or strength, impaired coordination, balance, or cognition? This presentation will help you gain a better understanding of therapy options available to you to help you return to your best self. Facilitated by Theresa Bell, MSPT, CLT-LANA. Sexual Health: This session was added because of the feedback we heard from you! Most women diagnosed with breast cancer experience some type of change in their sexual health. You will learn from an oncology nurse navigator about changes in sexual health and sexuality after a cancer diagnosis, interventions and resources available, and how to take the first steps in advocating for your sexual health care needs. We will also explore how sexual health is an important component of quality of life (QOL). Facilitated by Rebecca DiPatri, BSN, RN, OCN.
Education 05-11-21
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6-7:30pm Zoom:  Zoom, Metro DC Area, --, 00000