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Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery- 3/1/21 - 4/12/21:
Learn practices that focus on the connection and integration of the mind and body to effect physical, emotional, and spiritual changes for the purpose of promoting health and well-being. Each week you will explore different aspects of mindfulness, therefore weekly attendance, daily home-based practice, and reading assignments are expected. The first class of this series is an important hour-long orientation. Please obtain a copy of Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery by Carlson & Speca for class. Space is limited. Registration is required. Facilitators: David McGinness, LCSW, OSWC and Elise Schneider, LCSW. Registration is required.
Stress Reduction 04-12-21
Part of a series--automatically signs you up for all dates in series.
3-4:30pm Zoom:  Zoom, Metro DC Area, --, 00000