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Medicare and Health Insurance in the Time of COVID:
Just turned 65 and ready for Medicare? Working past 65 and I just lost my job and insurance.  Now I have to join Medicare. How do I pick a plan? My cancer meds are incredibly expensive. How do I  pick a Medicare drug plan? Will those discount cards like GoodRX help me? Can I appeal directly to a drug company? Lost my job and my health insurance. Too young for Medicare. How do I find an insurance plan? Join veteran health reporter Bob Rosenblatt for a discussion of health insurance and medication coverage. Bob runs the website He was a LA Times Washington correspondent for 25 years and created the beat on aging issues. Bob also wrote a column about health insurance called Benefits Bob. REGISTRATION REQUIRED. You are welcome to send any questions that you may have for the panel in advance to
Education 11-09-20
6-7pm Zoom:  Zoom, Metro DC Area, --, 00000