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Art Therapy for Long-Term Survivors- Zoom:
In this time of global uncertainty, don't let fears of the unknown stop you from diving into a new experience. You're invited to experience the power of art therapy, relaxation and guided imagery using our virtual platform! Join us to embrace the creative process and make/maintain connections during quarantine. The focus will be on Found Object Art Making to experience the kinesthetic and imaginative nature of building. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to explore and be a part of a supportive, creative community. Start collecting materials now! Look around your house or notice things around you on your next walk. Found/Recyclable Stuff: buttons, sticks, nuts/bolts, paperclips, string, yarn, rice/beans, bottle caps, old keys, fabrics, paper towel tubes, knick-knacks, etc. Let's collect and create! *This group is for those off treatment for more than 2 years and provides an opportunity for reflection and personal growth inspired by the art of creating. Registration required to receive Zoom invitation.
Stress Reduction 05-04-20
1-3:30pm :