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Restorative Yoga, ILH :
Learn how to use yoga props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets to support your body while in restful yoga poses. The practice is done on the floor and each pose is held between 2 to 10 minutes, allowing time to rest and drop deeper into the relaxation experience. The last pose includes a guided meditation and is a helpful way to use imagery and breath to guide and focus an active mind. Please bring a cozy blanket. Registration and a signed Physical Activity Waiver is required for each previously unattended class (go to and hover over the "Register for a Class" Tab. Click on the third item down (Class Forms, then physical-activity-waiver-fill-in). Participants who are more than 2 years out of completing active treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, targeted therapies, and immunotherapies) are encouraged to consider making a donation of $5 per class. If you cannot attend a class/group for which you are registered, CANCEL your registration as soon as possible by calling 703.698.2526; this will allow another person to attend.
Movement 05-24-19
12-1:30pm 44084 RP:  44084 RP, 44084 Riverside Parkway, Ste 400, Lower Level , Leesburg, VA, 20176
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