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Writing through Transitions: A 5-week Course:
Change is a part of life and brings questions, challenges and the opportunity to create deeper meaning. This is particularly true when cancer is the change that demands our attention. Regardless of where you are in the process, whether you are a patient, caregiver, or both, there is a structured writing process that can safely serve as a beacon and guide as you navigate. Wisdom, meaning, strength and resilience are often positive outcomes and learning the process is a skill that can transfer to future changes and challenges. Facilitator: Deborah Ross, LPC and Certified Journal Therapist. Published guided journals costs $15, please bring cash to first session to receive necessary class materials.
Stress Reduction 03-19-19
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2-3:30pm ILH-PER :  Inova Loudoun Hospital Patient Education Room, 44045 Riverside Parkway, Leesburg, VA
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